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Our pharmacy management consultants are available to cover a broad range of topics. Please submit your question using our secure online prescriber and pharmacy drug information form. We will make every effort to answer your question as soon as possible, however, please allow 3 business days for a response.

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Quantity Limits

We require quantity limits to help assure our members have access to safe and effective drug therapy and to protect against inappropriate use and waste. Search our online drug list to find out if a quantity limit applies to your medication or view our list of drugs with quantity limits.

The program does not apply to members under our Medicare D, Medicaid Managed Care and Child Health Plus plans.

Read the Quantity Limit Policy

Generic Advantage Program

The Generic Advantage Program applies to a list of brand name drugs that have FDA approved generic alternatives. Members pay the generic price co-payment/coinsurance amount plus the difference between the costly brand name medication and our price for the less expensive generic.

The program does not apply to members under our Medicare D, Medicaid Managed Care and Child Health Plus plans.

Learn About the Program

EPIC Program for Seniors

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) is a New York State program that helps seniors (65 and older) with out-of-pocket Medicare Part D drug plan costs. It works together with Medicare Advantage plans to pay Medicare Part D premiums or provides assistance by lowering deductibles.

Learn More about EPIC

Specialty Pharmacy Network

The Specialty Pharmacy Network helps to manage the rising cost of self-administered and office-administered medications by using specialty pharmacies that monitor and distribute these high cost medications.

Learn about Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty Drug Split-Fill Program

The Specialty Drug Split-Fill Program allows you to try expensive medications that have serious side effects for a shorter time, confirming effectiveness and tolerance before Members pay for full 30-day supply. This minimizes unnecessary expenses and reduces medication waste.

Drugs Covered in Split-Fill Program

Medication Therapy Management Program

The MTM program provides you with the information and tools to help you make educated health care decisions. Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program is designed for members with Medicare prescription drug coverage who have specific health and pharmacy needs. The MTM program is not a benefit. 

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