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CareAdvance Provider® Reminders

Audience: All providers, facilities, hospitals

Thank you for the care that you deliver to our valued members each day. We would like to provide you with some helpful tips and reminders regarding CareAdvance Provider, our new online preauthorization tool for Safety Net, Commercial and Medicare Advantage lines of business.


  • When entering an authorization request, if you receive the error message, “You have no associated provider sets,” email your Web Username and NPI to to update the system.

  • We encourage you to list your name and phone number within your authorization requests so that our Utilization Management team can reach you directly, if needed. Go to: Case Communication > Create New > Message Box to enter your contact information in the notes.

  • Training materials can be found on our website. Expand the appropriate service type category to locate our navigation guide, WebEx and tip sheet. These materials also be found under Resources > Staff Training >Presentations & Guidebooks. Contact your Provider Relations representative for further information and training.

Additionally, remember that ClearCoverageTM is no longer available. Please pass this information on to anyone on your staff who needs to be aware.



You may request that the sender no longer transmit faxes to your fax machine by calling 1-800-426-8325 and identifying your fax number.


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