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BlueCard® Update: Claim Filing Guidelines for Home Infusion Therapy

Audience: Participating Home Infusion Providers

We would like to provide clarification of the claim filing rules for Home Infusion Therapy (HIT). Using traveling health care professionals, HIT companies have the ability to render service in multiple states, resulting in HIT companies contracting with more than one Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan.

HIT claims should be filed with the plan located in the service area where the member’s home, or equivalent setting, is located, as this is where services were rendered.

All required fields must be completed accurately for claims to be processed. Be sure to include the service facility information (the address where the patient received the home infusion therapy) on all HIT claim submissions. Claims submitted with missing information will be returned to you.

  • For electronic (837) claims, include the service facility information in Loop 2310C
  • For paper claims, include the service facility information in Field 32

Visit for more information about the BlueCard Program, including member cards, eligibility and additional claim filing rules.

Please share this important information with anyone in your office or billing service who should be aware.

Thank you for the quality care and service that you provide to our valued members.

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