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Dental Erisco Countdown Notice

IMPORTANT: Submit all Claims Prior to March 1, 2019 Date of Service

We want to remind you that May 10, 2019 is the last day that claims will be processed on our legacy system.

After May 10, 2019, claims will be utilizing an off-system process, which will cause delays in processing timeliness up to 45 days with no exceptions.

We strongly encourage you to submit any outstanding claims as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • All claims with member identification numbers from the old system with a date of service prior to March 1, 2019 need to be billed out as soon as possible. The old system will sunset in the near future and you will no longer be able to bill claims using the old identification numbers.
  • Claims with a date of service March 1, 2019 and after are processed normally on the new system.
  • To avoid rejections, it is very important to adhere to the claim billing guidelines, which you can find on our website.

If you haven’t already, activate an InstaMed account to start receiving electronic funds transfer (EFT). Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has contracted with InstaMed to offer electronic funds transfer and electronic remittance advice.
To Activate an InstaMed® Account:

  • Visit the InstaMed portal at
  • Click the menu in the upper right corner and select Join.
  • Under New Providers, select Register Now and complete the registration process.

Please check out our new dental resources page for news and updates, dental policies and much more! Visit and save it as a "favorite" for quick reference.

NOTE: We want to remind you that effective January 1, 2019, we had a large group of members moving to our new Dental Platform. Please be aware that members will have new member cards with new subscriber ID numbers. To avoid claim processing errors related to member-not-on-file, please be sure you are checking the member ID number, date of birth, and relationship status at every visit.

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