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Dental Records Request Reminder

We would like to remind you to return dental records with the Medical Records Unit (MRU) request letter that we sent to you to avoid starting another claim in the system. It is also important that you do not attach the claim form when fulfilling the request for dental records. Both of these actions enable us to ensure that your records reach the correct department for prompt review.

When we request dental records to consider or approve a claim for payment, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Submit a copy of the record request letter as the first page of your submission. Our record request letter contains information used to electronically sort your submission. If the request letter is not included, it will affect the sorting process and slow the processing time.
  • Mail each medical record request separately. Please do not combine record requests.

NOTE: We want to remind you that effective January 1, 2019, we had a large group of members moving to our new Dental Platform. Please be aware that members will have new member cards with new subscriber ID numbers. To avoid claim processing errors related to member-not-on-file, please be sure you are checking the member ID number, date of birth, and relationship status at every visit.

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