Specialized Behavioral Health Programs

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Phone Consultation Service

The goal of the program is to increase the skill and knowledge of pediatricians and family practitioners who have to manage psychiatric illness in their practices due to the shortage of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and a growing recognition of the psychiatric disorders that effect children and teenagers. This initiative offers two hours a week of phone consultation with a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

First Episode of Augmented Treatment (F.E.A.T.)

FEAT is a program targeting 18-25 year old patients who have recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia (or Schizophreniform Disorders), or who have experienced their 1st psychotic break but have yet to be diagnosed. The Program offers those members who meet criteria and their family's coverage for Multi-Family Group Treatment at designated mental health facilities in their area to educate on the disease, symptoms, family relationships, interpersonal and social issues, mood disorders, noncompliance issues, and problematic behaviors of the patient. For those members who participate in this program, the group co-payment is reduced to the specialist co-payment under their contract. Coinciding with this is a reduction in the members' pharmacy co-payments on all/any of their anti-psychotic medications to $0.00 for the time they are in the program which can be up to 18 months. Follow this link to FEAT BrochureOpen a PDF.

Demand Treatment!

Visits to primary care clinicians provide unparalleled opportunity to intervene with alcohol problems early in the disease progression. The focus of this initiative is to train medical practitioners to ask about alcohol use; assess for alcohol related medical problems; advise patients to decrease use of alcohol when necessary; and monitor patient's progress.

Coordinated Care for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Dedicated staff works with members suffering from an eating disorder to arrange for an appropriate level of services. This may include outpatient treatment with an expertise in this disorder, partial hospitalization and/or inpatient treatment. For some members, extra contractual benefits have been arranged to provide longer term care than the contractual benefit will allow.

Follow Up Post Hospitalization Program

This nationally recognized program arranges for members to be contacted upon discharge from inpatient care to remind them of their outpatient treatment appointments. Members who do not keep their follow up appointments are contacted by Behavioral Health staff to assess and eliminate barriers to outpatient treatment.

Dedicated Medicare Case Management Staff

The unique needs of this population contributed to a dedicated staffing design within the case management team. For members with complex issues such as repeated ER visits and/or hospitalization, case management services are available. There is also a growing population of Medicare members who, with early intervention, can remain in their homes longer and with a better quality of life. Non-complex interventions focus on the member and their caregiver to assess and arrange for community supports, provide education and begin to identify resources for longer term planning.

Depression Disease Managment

The Behavioral Health Department has a role in the Corporate Depression Disease Management program, particularly as the member reaches the more complex issues of this illness. Case Managers work with members who have had ED visits or hospitalizations. In addition, the BH department provides consultation to other areas of the Depression Disease Management Program.

Continuity of Care Initiative

The Behavioral Health Department monitors the behavioral health practitioners' exchange of information with the member's Primary Care Physician (PCP), other behavioral health caregivers and consultants, ancillary providers, and health care institutions to insure continuity of care. This is done during treatment record reviews as well as self report surveys.

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