Electronic Payments and Remittances

We are pleased to offer InstaMed® for Electronic Payments (EFTs), Remittance Advice (ERA) and more, as a free service to our practitioner community.

Federal Employee Program

For FEP billing questions, please call 1-800-584-6617 Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST.

Benefits of InstaMed

  • Possible reduction in accounting expenses - By importing electronic remittance advice from the Web directly into practice management or patient accounting systems, the need for manual re-keying is reduced or eliminated.
  • Improvement in cash flow - Electronic payments can mean faster payments, resulting in improved cash flow. Paper checks will be discontinued upon enrollment.
  • Control of bank accounts - Maintain total control of the destination of claim payment funds; multiple practices and accounts are supported.
  • Prompt match of payments to remittance advice - Immediately associate electronic payments with electronic remittance advice. View remittance advice online and print it at your convenience.
  • Increase in reporting functionality - Ability to create functional reports that support your internal needs.
  • Easier management of multiple payers - Reuse enrollment information to connect with multiple payers. Assign different payers to different bank accounts, as desired.
  • Reduction of paper usage - Paper checks will be discontinued by the next pay cycle after enrollment. Paper remittances will be discontinued four weeks after enrollment with electronic funds transfer.

Which inquiries should I direct to the health plan, and which to InstaMed

Call the health plan for:

  • Claim status questions
  • Questions regarding the amount paid on claims
  • Remittance balancing questions

Call InstaMed for:

  • Information on enrollment for ERA/EFT
  • InstaMed password reset
  • Questions regarding differences between EFT total and amount of bank deposit
  • Status of bank deposit
  • Changes to administrative contact personnel
  • Arrivals/departures of practitioners within your practice


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